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[Pre-order] NEWS Dome Concert 2010 (CLOSED)
ohba » masatoshi
arisa_draconis wrote in soranohohoemi

Please check the
FAQ and Term of Service before ordering.
Feedback post for anyone that needs it.

Dateline: 22nd September 2010  CLOSED

Official goods list is out! Previews are out! Please click individual links for each previews.

Pamphlet - 2800yen
Uchiwas - 1000yen (Please state member: Ryo, Koyama, Shige, Massu, Yamapi and Tegoshi)
Photosets - 1000yen (Please state member: Ryo, Koyama, Shige, Massu, Yamapi, Tegoshi and Group)
Poster - 1400yen (Please state member: Ryo, Koyama, Shige, Massu, Yamapi, Tegoshi and Group)
Clearfile - 900yen (Please state member: Ryo, Koyama, Shige, Massu, Yamapi, Tegoshi and Group)
Shopping bag - 1500yen
T-Shirt - 3500yen
Penlight - 1800yen
Towel - 2500yen
Hairtie - 1000yen
Postcards - 1600yen

Order Form


[1x] Pamphlet
[1x] Yamapi Photoset
[1x] Ryo Uchiwa
[2x] Group Poster



PAYMENT METHOD: (If using Paypal, please leave your Paypal email here)

If you have any questions please go to
this entry
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will there be any pictures of the merchandise?

There will be previews as soon as the concert starts dear :)

I'll be sure to order a t-shirt after the pictures are out.

No worries dear! I will let you know when the previews has come out :)

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Hello dear!

I cannot give you the shipping price, but the total for the goods itself is 2000yen + 5% paypal fees. Once I have your goods in hand then I will let you know how much shipping will cost. I can give you an estimate which for both of them shouldn't cost you more than 500yen for regular airmail.

(Screened comment)
Hello dear.

Shipping shouldn't cost more than 2000yen for the pamphlet to the US but again that is depends on how heavy the pamphlet is. The heavier it is the more shipping you have to pay unfortunately.
And of course I can hold it for two weeks :) Whenever you are ready then I will send it to you.

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Do you send to spain? :3

I send to anywhere in the world as long as you pay for the shipping :)

(Screened comment)
I will send you an invoice with the description of it being a NEWS concert pre-order and then you can pay me if everything is correct.
If that is ok with you, I can give you an invoice soon.

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(Screened comment)
That's ok dear. I have sent you an invoice now :)

My email address I gave you is also the one I use for paypal. Sorry I didn't know what you meant when I commented with order. Thank you! :)

can we still buy the items even if the deadline is over?
i am interested to buy Ryo's clear file...
reply asap.. thanks..

Sorry dear, once the deadline has been reached you cannot order anymore. I will let you know if I have any extra goods though if you'd like though.

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No worries at all :)
I have sent you the invoice dear!

(Screened comment)
Thank you for your order, I ahve sent you an invoice :)

Sorry.. I double checked before sending payment. :)
Thanks again.

I've sent it today dear. Please let me know when you have receive it? And I will give you a picture of what your package look like onces my phone decides to connect to the laptop >.

SORRY for the delayyy!

I was thinking that i would never got these ^^"

I want Normal Airmail please ^^

And again thank uuuuu

I've sent you the invoice dear :)


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